How To Avoid Rejection of Your Personal Loan Application

This article focuses on the several issues relating to the rejections of personal loans application. Once the application is filed, there are various background processes from which the application goes through to get judged whether the application should be approved or disapproved.


Your FICO score (also known as credit score) should be 750 or above than that in order to be considered to get approved. That is why every individual must purchase a credit information prior to their application, as applying for another loan after the declination of the first one can be done after a minimum period of 6 months.


Sometimes, being in a hurry to apply for the loan, people may mismatch and fabricate the documents required inappropriately. Apparently, the banks are not that easy to con. Once a mismatch is recognized by the bank where you have applied, the information is circulated to every other bank and then you will be unable to even apply for a no credit check loan for the rest of your life.


Every individual has a certain capacity to repay for the credits. If the individual who has applied for a loan is already repaying an amount out of his income for the credit cards or EMIs of some loan then the bank shall consider this case cautiously as they cannot take the risk of a bad debt.


This score is referred to the score earned by an individual on the basis of various aspects of his/her financial stability, like income, residential stability as well as the previous financial records. Every bank keeps a minimum score to be achieved in order to get the loan.

The details matter, even the smallest of them do. For instance, any non-cooperation during the verification process or the accuracy of the documents.

Having no loan or credit records also makes the lenders and the borrowers get suspicious. In this case the Credit score is usual 1 or 0. Where, 1 indicates no credit history and 0 indicates that the records are yet to be updated.

Now, after taking a look at the primary and the usual reasons behind the rejections of personal loan applications, it’s better to take a look at the solutions or the tips in order to improve the chances to get the personal loan approved.

In order to improve the FICO (credit) score, try to have a neat credit history. This can be achieved by repaying the loans promptly. Avoiding the late repayment or credit card settlement is very important as these may become major reasons for the rejection of the loan application.


It is true that the personal loan application needs the minimum paperwork. However, it needs to be perfectly accurate and 100% correct. Because once a mismatch is recognized by the bank where the individual has applied for the loan, the information is passed to every other bank and there you lose the chance of even applying for a loan for the rest of your life.


Do not get engaged in a lot of debts and end up not repaying them or making a late repayment. Although, the banks ensure that you are in a FOIR limit, being wise and practical about your spending habits. This is going to help.

Make sure to cooperate in the whole verification process of the loan application, because eventually, you are going to be the gainer or the loser.

It is always better to maintain credit cards in order to have a credit history as to apply for a loan in the future.

Applying for a personal loan has never been a difficult task but to get the approval for one has been a bit tedious. As long as you do what is required by the process, you are having good chances of getting the application of the loan approved.

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